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Would you like to escape from the everday life with me?

Escape from the everday life. In a world, in which only both of us exist. Togetherness.

Only you and me. This is all we need.

Wonderful holidays for couples & families in the hotel ramsauhof

Togetherness, relaxation & activity are waiting for you

Very often, the things that couples want to have when going on holiday are romance, togetherness and pure relaxation. And even though the ramsauhof is a great hotel for families during summer holidays, couples find the quiet romance they are looking for during the rest of the year.

The right mix between activity and relaxation combined with wellness and our tasty ramsauhof Eco cuisine ensure that after your holidays as a couple, you will beam even more than before - that's how beautiful it is here...


Have you ever spent a family holiday in Styria? If you haven't, there are various reasons why you should give it a try and experience it for yourself: Kids can let off steam in our beautiful mountain world, parents can relax in our wellness area and try out new sports & activities. The entire region offers an endless variety of leisure time activities for every taste. If parents wish to do something on their own for a change, we offer competent, loving and responsible child care at our nearby sister hotel feistererhof.


During school holidays, our ramsauhof apartments offer enough space for families. During the rest of the year, the ramsauhof is the perfect place if you're looking for a quiet place to enjoy the romance of our hotel and the stunning alpine world.

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