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Just leaving the stress behind.

Being one with the road. Being one with the trail. Being one with the nature.

Feeling the wind in your face. The world passes by. You pedal. Goal achieved.
Breath. Be amazed. Triumph.

Mountainbiking in the Ramsau region – a dream on two wheels

Fantastic cycling tours in & around the mountains

As soon as the last snow has melted, the Ramsau region becomes the one true paradise for mountainbikers and cyclists. The wide and varied landscape of the area offers a huge variety of cycling tours of different length and difficulty level. Well-trained mountainbikers find their challenge on demanding tours high up in the Dachstein mountain range, those who want less of a challenge can enjoy the numerous easier bikeways of the Ramsau. Even downhill bikers find their thrill: they can race down the Planai in Schladming, a very well-known ski worldcup slope.


Enthustiastic e-bikers will also find their personal paradise: Since 2011, the Ramsau has been the perfect place to practise this modern sport at its best. The bikeway network includes 200 kilometres of e-bikeways, over 5,000 metres in altitude and lots of rental stations and battery charging stations. In the e-bike region no. 1, we provide plenty of e-bikes for groups and families, for every age and physical condition. In case you are aiming very high, you are even offered e-mountain bikes for rental!


Discover your cycling and mountain biking paradise on two wheels - you won't only have fun and enjoy the stunning views, but you'll also do your body and the environment some favours!

Unser Tipp:

 Die Schladming-Dachstein Region bietet sogar eigens ausgeschilderte
E-Bike-Routen , Ladestationen und Verleihmöglichkeiten. 

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Bike & Hike ab ramsauhof: in Ramsau am Dachstein hoch hinauf

Der große Vorteil beim Radfahren ist, dass Sie sich das oft ungeliebte Bergabgehen ganz einfach ersparen. Stattdessen rollen Sie gemütlich zurück in unser Hotel in Ramsau am Dachstein. Bike & Hike verbindet das Beste der beiden Sportarten: Zuerst geht’s mit dem Bike Meter um Meter nach oben. Das letzte Stück zu den atemberaubenden Gipfeln der Schladming-Dachstein Region bewältigen Sie zu Fuß. Breite Forstwege mit dem Rad oder E-Bike, kleine Wege zu Fuß – die perfekte Kombination.

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