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Travelling through the history of our hotel ramsauhof

Let us go back in time...

The ramsauhof consists of two neighbouring houses: the historic villa & the modern hotel.

The villa was built in the Swiss style between 1887 and 1890 and soon became a very popular summer holiday destination. Back then, it was already fashionable for well-off citizens to flee the heat of the city in summer and spend one or two months in the far more pleasant climate of the mountains.


Nowadays it is unclear if the villa was really a gift of the poet Theodor Fontane to his lover, the countess Doris of Reichart. Yet it is well-known that in 1892, the countess sold the villa to Rosina Kramer, the granddaughter of Vienna's city doctor. The well-educated Kramer sisters brought the fine Viennese society to the Ramsau,

and there are still photographs left from this time.


The ramsauhof has also seen some very famous people spend their time in our hotel. One of them was the poet Hugo von Hofmannsthal. On his way through the region, he walked into the ramsauhof in 1922 and asked for a place to stay. The hotel was very busy, so the only available possibility was an attic room with windows facing east and west. "This is where I want to stay", he said and stayed for much longer than he had intended to. He would stay up late into the nights and with candle light, he wrote large parts of his work "Der Turm" (The Tower).

After the destructions of war, the villa was lovingly restored and soon again became a popular holiday resort.


In 1963 the family Simonlehner bought the Villa ramsauhof. The historic house was sympathetically renovated and refitted as a modern spa hotel. In 1992, the renovation of the ramsauhof was awarded for having been realised so carefully, with regard to its long and interesting history. Since 1993, Robert Simonlehner Jr, has been the owner of the two Simonlehner hotels ramsauhof and feistererhof.


Spend your holidays at ramsauhof - you will feel the historic aura and enjoy all the pleasures of a small and special wellness hotel while following in Hugo von Hofmannsthal's tracks...

Where else would you be able to do that? We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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