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To be in line with nature.

To be in line with oneself.

In our hotel ramsauhof, we keep our promises

We live ECO

In the ramsauhof, one of the most beautiful Eco hotels in Styria, we do not do anything by halves.

We live ECO, down to the smallest detail.

All the food and drink that is served has been produced 100% organic and is crafted into true culinary delights. We do not only have organic food and drink, our care products also come from organic, animal testing-free and Demeter-certified production.


Moreover, we have only used wood from considerate ecological production for the entire hotel building of the ramsauhof. And we buy our furniture from the company Grüne Erde ("Green Earth"), whose production is absolutely eco-friendly & sustainable.


This is how we contribute to maintainig our natural surroundings and promote a healthy and considerate way of living - because for us, ECO is not only a hollow promise, but an ideal that is part of all our aspects of life.


You have never been on Eco holiday? So better go ahead and experience for yourself the positive effects of 100% Eco. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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